30 Days Visit Visa to Dubai

Where to go when you need to spend an extraordinary vacation? You may now wonder which place is best for you. There is no place that can satisfy you like Dubai; Dubai is the land of miracles where you can enjoy every moment here. You can also go to Dubai for a family gathering, medical check-up, and even for any business reason. To travel to Dubai legally, you need to get the right Visit Visa. 30 days Visit Visa to Dubai is the best for those purposes and it is the second common type of Visit Visa to Dubai, you can use and enjoy traveling as desired.

We offer you the complete guide on how to get the 30 Days Visit Visa to Dubai to learn all about it and then, apply your Visit Visa to enjoy the famous beauty and cultures in Dubai.

First of all, 30 Days Visit Visa to Dubai is as the name suggests it enables you to stay in Dubai for 1 month; 30 Days. It is also valid for 60 from the issue date. Then, you should prepare the necessary documents and the process to upload them is so easy and fast. The online application makes life easier to get your Visit Visa in a short time.

The required documents are as the following:

  • Scanned copy of your Passport (first and last page)
  • Passport size photograph with White Background
  • Return or onward flight tickets
  • Hotel booking confirmation (Not necessary for some nationalities)
  • Negative PCR test and Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

Things to consider while applying for your 30 Days Visit Visa to Dubai:

Be sure that your documents are clearly visible and valid when uploading them. And not to get your application rejected, you should also be sure your passport is valid for more than six months while applying for your application.

Note: we may need additional documents if you come from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Iran. The present national Identity may be required with other documents we will provide you with a list when contacting us.

Set your trip plan before traveling to Dubai bringing all the required documents with you.

Never forget to read the travel guidelines before going to the airport and get a copy of all your documents including your e-Visa, passport, your hotel reservations, and so on.

The most important thing to consider is to ensure you have enough money to cover your trip expenses to enjoy Dubai as much as possible.

Note: the 30 Days Visit Visa to Dubai is for people above 18 otherwise you will be rejected or you need to be accompanied by an adult.

30 Days Visit Visa comes with benefits

Insurance for COVID – 19, which is mandatory these days, and the price of the 30 Days Visit Visa covers this insurance.

Note: You should also bring your covid-19 vaccination certificate with you along with the negative PCR report.

30 Days Visit Visa fees:

The price differs according to the nationality but it is affordable and suitable for the majority. Just contact us to get your Visit Visa done within 4-5 working days and the approval is all up to the UAE immigration authorities, but if you follow the above instructions you have nothing to worry about.

Why us:

  • A wide knowledge and experience in the tourism industry.
  • Dependable and reliable travel agency.
  • Certified and Licensed by the Government of Dubai
  • Highly qualified visit visa experts
  • 24 hours customer service
  • Your privacy is granted as applications are checked by our experts

Are you still thinking? Take an action and get your 30 Days Visit Visa Now.