90 Days Visit Visa to Dubai

Dubai! When you hear the name you feel the beauty and charm! Dubai is the city of wonder; you can enjoy a vacation and you can also open a new market here for your business to enjoy great success with money beyond your expectations. In case, you are planning for a new business market or spend enough time to organize an exhibition or a long event, 90 Days Visit Visa to Dubai is the best choice for you.

Dubai is a blended environment with more melting cultures together, it is a perfect blend of history, modern era, and enjoyment. Therefore, you need enough time to explore that glory so let’s learn more about the 90 Days Visit visa in this brief guide.

3 months may be enough for you to plan and open your business, or to explore the city from restaurants, galleries, and architectures to the wonderful landscapes and the colorful fountain or even go shopping and recognize more cultures.

Requirements needed while applying for 30 Days Visit Visa to Dubai:

First of all, we should inform you that your nationality is the key factor of the requirements list you need to meet. GCC residents may never need a Visa to enter Dubai, other nationalities need to apply for a Visa but the necessary documents required vary from one nationality to another. Some nationalities require further information and additional document to get the 90 Days Visit Visa done with approval.

The necessary Documents for 90 Days Visit Visa are:

  • Scanned copy of your Passport (front and back pages)
  • Passport should be valid for a minimum of 6 months
  • Scanned colored passport size photograph with a white background)
  • Confirmed Hotel booking
  • Confirmed flight ticket (return or onward ticket)
  • Negative PCR test report and Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

Some countries like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan Require Additional Documents such as a National ID or Birth Certificate.

How to avoid rejection!

In general, the acceptance of the 90 Visit Visa to Dubai is the UAE immigration authorities' duty. They are not likely to reject the Visit Visa request for 90 days unless your documents are not completed, or they are expired, you are below the legal age to travel alone.

So you need to upload a clearly visible scanned copy of your documents, you are above 18 years old otherwise you should travel with your parent. Any other reasons for rejection depend on the UAE immigration authority standards. If you don’t know why your application has been rejected you can contact the immigration authority for further information.

How to apply for 90 Days Visit Visa online!

You will go through 3 simple steps; first, you will check the website and go for the 90 Days Visit Visa type application. Then, fill the application by uploading the necessary documents and sending the charges. The third step is to wait for the visa approval that we send you via email or any other social channels you prefers WhatsApp.

90 Days Visit Visa process takes about 4-5 working days after submitting your application and keeps in mind the charges are paid in advance and they are non-refundable and non-transferable regardless of your visa application status (accepted or rejected)

Choosing us is the best way to get your 90 Days Visit Visa Done properly and quickly with a team of experts who maintains your privacy and helps you 24 hours. It is time to start exploring and enjoying Dubai with us.